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Fundraising and Communication with the Public Policy

Fundraising and Promotion Policy

Act for Peace promotes and raises funds for its work through the member churches, public, and other media.

Act for Peace may act as a channel for other agencies funding overseas programs so long as these do not conflict with its own aims and policies.

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code is our minimum standard for fundraising solicitations. The ACFID Fundraising Requirements Checklist will be used by all staff who prepare fundraising material, in order to ensure compliance.

Fundraising solicitations will be truthful and will accurately describe Act for Peace’ identity, purpose, programs and needs and will only make claims that it can fulfil.

Photographs used will be genuine and current. 

Act for Peace may accept Government funds for its programs under the following conditions:

  • The initiative for such grants generally comes from Act for Peace and its partners while not ruling out approaches from the government. Such programmes should meet the usual criteria before implementation.
  • The relationship with the program partner is oversighted by Act for Peace 
  • The program partner agrees to accepting funds from Government sources and has the capacity to satisfy Government reporting requirements
  • The proportion of funds received from the government will be reviewed annually.

Communication with the Public Policy

Act for Peace will produce an Annual Report and make it available to our members, supporters and members of the public upon request.

Our fundraising solicitations will be truthful, will accurately describe our identity, purpose, programs, and needs and will only make claims which we can fulfill. There will be no material omissions or exaggerations of fact, no use of misleading photographs, nor any other communication which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding.

In all fundraising activities initiated or authorised by Act for Peace, we will have procedures consistent with the Privacy Act 1988 set up to protect donors’ rights to:

  • have their names deleted from mailing lists;
  • be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, paid staff or agents;
  • be informed about the causes for which funds are being raised;
  • get information on the application of their donation; and
  • be able to identify collectors and have documentation confirming the bona fides of Act for Peace.

Act for Peace will be responsible for all fundraising activities outsourced to a third party and will put all such contracts and agreements in writing.

Use of Children’s Images

Act for Peace will at all times portray children in a respectful, appropriate and consensual way. Our guidelines on the use of children’s images, in line with the ACFID Code of Conduct, are:

  1. A child should always be portrayed in a dignified and respectful manner and not in a vulnerable or submissive manner. Children should be adequately clothed and not in poses that could be seen as sexually suggestive.
  2. A child and its family must always be asked for consent when using their images. When asking for consent to use the image, details should be given as to how and where this image will be used.
  3. There should be no identifying information of the child used in the publication of images with their location.
  4. Children should be portrayed as part of their community.
  5. Local cultural traditions should be assessed regarding restrictions for reproducing personal images.
  6. Images should be an honest representation of the context and the facts.
  7. When sending images electronically, file labels should not reveal identifying information.
  8. All photographers will be screened for their suitability, including police checks where appropriate.
  9. Promoting our child safe commitment on our website, in other promotional materials and in all job advertisements.
Download Act for Peace's Fundraising and Communication with the Public Policy here

More ways to take action

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