Gaza Emergency Appeal

26 May Update: Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire on May 21, bringing an end to 11 days of deadly airstrike attacks across Gaza. While the break in violence has offered much needed relief for families, the severe damage inflicted on Gaza’s infrastructure and people has pushed its already dire humanitarian situation to the brink. Our local partner notified us that the medical clinics were back in operation as of Monday, 24 May, looking after those who have been physically and mentally injured from the attacks. Read our full blog update here.

The scenes unfolding in Gaza are nothing short of harrowing. Deadly airstrikes across the city are bringing entire buildings to the ground, with innocent civilians stuck beneath the rubble. Children, mothers, and fathers are being injured and killed - it's terrifying.

Our local partner on the ground runs health clinics that are providing vital medical support to some of Gaza’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.

They have asked us for urgent help to keep up with the demand as the number of injured people increases each day.

More than 200 Palestinians, including 60 children and 34 women have been killed in the series of airstrikes, with 1500 wounded. In Israel, 12 people have died.

As soon as it's safe enough, our local partner will reopen their clinics. They are anticipating a huge increase in demand for their health services. As well as supporting pregnant women and sick children, they’ll provide first-aid and medicine – while stocks last - to anyone who walks through their doors.

But they need more support. They need to know they’re not alone in this.

Please help our local partner continue to provide medical assistance to children, women, and other people in need.

This includes:

  • First aid and medicine to pregnant women and children affected by the crisis.
  • Medical treatment for sick children under six years old.
  • Psychosocial support to thousands of mothers and their children, including assessments, group work and individual counselling to help them navigate the distressing conditions of life in Gaza.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care for pregnant women affected by the crisis, including lab tests, to help reduce maternal morbidity.

Your gift will go directly to supporting the emergency response in Gaza and will help safeguard the human rights of local communities by giving them access to the healthcare they need.

Images sent via WhatsApp from our partner showing buildings destroyed by the airstrikes in Gaza this week

So please, give generously if you can. You will be making a huge difference in helping our partner and the communities they serve get through this humanitarian crisis.

Image: The people of Gaza haven't suffered this much violence since the destruction caused by the 2014 war (pictured). Richard Wainwright / Act for Peace

The people of Gaza need your support
Give now
Give now

  • $100

    Medical supplies for children

    $100 can help ensure that our partner's stocks of medicine does not run out.
  • $250

    Pre-natal and post-natal care for mothers

    $250 can provide first aid and medicine to pregnant women and children affected by the crisis.
  • $750

    Psychosocial support

    $750 can provide psychosocial support, such as individual counselling to mothers and their children coping with the distressing conditions in Gaza.
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Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible. Your gifts will go towards Act for Peace's local partner's emergency work in Gaza, Palestine. If funds raised exceed amount needed for this appeal, excess funds will be used to support Act for Peace’s work in other communities around the world affected by conflict and disaster.

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