A moment of peace: Same storm, different boats

03 September 2021

Topics: COVID-19 Zimbabwe

To help families struggling to put food on the table, Act for Peace supporters signed on for the JobKeeper campaign; their gifts went directly to our local partner in Zimbabwe, ZCC, who convert them into food vouchers that families can spend at mobile food trucks close to their homes. ZCC / Act for Peace

“We’re in the same storm, but we’re in different boats. 
Some are in a dinghy and others in a yacht.”


This powerful metaphor, quoted in a news article last week, came from a 17-year old student living in Sydney’s western suburbs – the centre of NSW’s current COVID outbreak. 

Acting as a carer for his younger sibling and a translator for his Egyptian-born parents, all while studying for his HSC exams, his story reflects a reality often missing from the headlines: lockdown isn’t the same experience for everyone.

COVID-19 is affecting us all, but we know there are many communities - in our own backyard, and globally - who have been made particularly vulnerable by the revolving door of lockdown restrictions. 

That’s why last year, our community came up with a way to support families in Zimbabwe who are feeling the economic impacts of lockdown particularly hard. Households with malnourished children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, or chronically ill adults, who even before the pandemic, were struggling to put food on the table as a result of climate change-driven droughts and food shortages. 

We became their safety net, by raising funds that went to our local partner on the ground, who converted it into food vouchers that families could spend at mobile food trucks close to their homes. 

Our partner distributing food vouchers to women in Zimbabwe to spend on essential cooking items like oil, beans, flour and salt to feed their families. VCC / Act for Peace
At the end of June, Zimbabwe went back into a strict lockdown to help contain a surge in coronavirus infections across the country. Thankfully, last month, the funds our community raised were still helping to provide food hampers and food vouchers to 405 people in Mbergengwa, a district in Midlands province.

This week, as we continue to watch the case numbers rise in Australia and grapple with our own lockdown experience, we just wanted to thank our supporters for continuing to look outward and supporting struggling families across the world. 

Many of us didn’t expect 2021 to go the way it has. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and coping with any challenges you're having to face right now.  Please know that your continued support for displaced communities around the world is making a real difference to people who need a safety net right now