01 October 2019

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To the Distinguished Members of the Current Australian Government,

Act for Peace is a humanitarian organisation which respects that Australia is a friend and ally to the State of Israel.

Like many other nations, Australia is already committed to a viable peace plan through a negotiated two-state solution. This is why the current Australian government should declare its opposition to any existing or future plans to annex the Jordan Valley.

As you may know, prior to Israel’s recent elections, multiple political candidates publicly stated their intention to annex the Jordan Valley.
But this course of action would have dire implications for a peaceful, just solution to the conflict.

If Israel decides to annex the Jordan Valley or any other part of the West Bank, we are confident it would:

     • Increase the risk of violence experienced by people in both Palestine and Israel.
     • Prevent a viable Palestinian state, and destabilise other states in the region including Israel and Jordan.

Act for Peace ask that the Australian Government refrain from any actions that could be seen to recognise the annexation of conquered territory, which is prohibited under international law.

And as an Australian Christian faith-based agency, we call on the Australian Government to take actions that will enhance prospects for peace, justice and equality in Israel and Palestine; and to refrain from supporting positions and actions that would harm these prospects.


Janet Cousens
CEO, Act for Peace