Bringing education to poor areas of Pakistan

17 October 2018

Topics: children education poverty "sustainable development"

Nine-year-old Alina* loves going to school.  She leaps out of bed at six every morning so she can do her household chores before class starts.  She studies very hard so she can one day achieve her dream.

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher so I can help my students become better people and raise the dignity of our country, like our teacher does for us,
says Alina
Alina is one of the few girls in her entire region who have the chance to go to school.

In her village in rural Pakistan, many families can’t afford the cost of schooling or don’t see the value of education. On top of this, many teachers are poorly trained and use corporal punishment, which limits learning and makes children too frightened to attend class.

Through Act for Peace’s local partner, Community World Service Asia, you helped to train female teachers, fund teaching materials and raise awareness with parents about the importance of girls’ education.

Alina’s mother Salma is a strong, intelligent woman.  She never got the chance to go to school and is grateful to people in Australia supporting the girls’ education program, which is giving her children the chance build a brighter future for themselves.
It is very important to me that all my daughters receive education. I want to thank people in Australia for supporting our small community and helping our children with opportunities that weren’t available to us,
says Salma
Your gifts helped children like Alina to receive the gift of education. This sets off a wave of positive change and gives children like Alina the chance to learn and rewrite their own futures - and help them shape a more peaceful and prosperous nation.  
Schooling helps to develop our knowledge, which will benefit our country. We have to study to make our country a better and happy place to live,
says Alina
*Alina's name has been changed to protect her identity.

UN research shows that educating girls has a "multiplier effect"

Educated girls are less likely to be forced into early marriage and their children will be better cared for and educated.

For some girls, early marriage is the result of their family not having the resources to support all the children and early marriage can be used to reduce the financial burden on a family. In contrast, an educated girl is more likely to be able to generate an income and contribute to the household.

Please give a gift today and help more children go to school and grow up with a future full of possibility.