That's a wrap: Act for Peace Ration Challenge 2021

02 July 2021

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After all the planning, the fundraising, the rationing, and the rice (so much rice), finishing the Ration Challenge each year always brings an overwhelming sense of achievement, but also humility and sadness at the realisation that many refugees experience eating rations for many, many years and for them there is no end in sight.

Our team here at Act for Peace couldn’t be prouder of how our supporters rallied this year, with more than 6,000 people across Australia, including individuals and schools, signing up to take the Ration Challenge and show refugees that we really are all in this together.

For one week you ate refugee rations, you shared your stories, you came together, raised money, and you stood in solidarity with those who need it most. 

This year more than 6000 passionate supporters signed up to take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge

How much did we raise for refugees?

We’re currently sitting at a total of $1.26 million raised between individuals and schools, although this number will continue to go up as late donations continue to come in (individual donation pages will stay open until December, or general donations can still be made here). 

That’s $1.26 million that will bring emergency food, healthcare and life-saving support to those who need it most.

An update on ration pack distribution from our partner in Jordan, DSPR

Here’s some images we received from our partner in Jordan, DSPR, of a food distribution event on 8 June 2021. One thousand ration packs have already been distributed in Jordan – 150 of which were distributed at Talbieh Refugee camp.

Each pack feeds a family of six, meaning 6,000 people now have access to food because of funds raised by the Ration Challenge.


A food distribution event in Jordan on 8 June 2021 / Act for Peace

Messages from this year’s Ration Challengers

Each year we go on this journey together, and it brings us so much joy to hear your messages of gratitude and reflection from your experience. As we get busy planning for next year’s Ration Challenge, we wanted to leave you with a few thoughts from this year’s Ration Challengers.

I learned that doing something is better than doing nothing at all. You ask yourself what can I do, there's nothing I can do. Oh, well I'll just move on. But maybe there's something I can do like this little thing. — Widya Wijaya

As a journalist, I spent about eight years in the Middle East. And so I spent a lot of years in Syria, and lived in areas that were under siege with families who were living in really rough conditions, I'd stayed in refugee camps, and even been through distributing these packs that we were living off with some of the aid groups as well. So I do know the situation over there. I know how tough it is. And when I seen the challenge, I, I really thought, What an awesome way of getting people here in Australia to just understand just on a tiny level, what it's, it's like, for these families. And I guess I've spent, like my career has been dedicated to trying to get people to understand what life is like, in these war torn countries. And to have people to actually live through through this on this little element, just something that can connect them to these stories. — Tracey Shelton

I’m learning interesting new ways to make do with less. And, you know, I don't know how I would deal with this on a long term basis. So if anything, it makes me probably more concerned about black refugees than I was before. — Nick Carruthers

I want to thank the Ration Challenge team and Act for Peace for all they do to make this campaign possible. Out of all the organisations I have worked with, they genuinely are the most passionate, compassionate, supportive people I have ever encountered. From the way they structure the challenge to the regular phones calls, emails, postcards, social media posts, they are nothing short of incredible and work tirelessly on this. They have become like extended friends and family in the last three years, and we are all better people because of them. So until next year, stay safe, take care and let's keep standing united for Refugees #rationchallenge2021 #RefugeeWeek2021 #united — Jessica Halliday

See you next year everyone!