When disaster strikes, solidarity shines

30 July 2019

Topics: "climate change" emergency "natural disaster"

Cyclone Idai left a trail of death and destruction when it tore through parts of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in March. Your response ensured our local partner was able to assess the needs and deliver aid to people who needed it most.
When disaster strikes in faraway places, it is only the solidarity of
humanity everywhere that makes bearing with the effects of such disasters
Dr Rev Mtata, Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Ndaizivei holds a bag of beans at a food distribution in the Bikita district, Zimbabwe. With your support, on this day 30 families received food parcels, which included 50kg of maize, 4 litres of cooking oil and 5kgs of sugar beans.

When Cyclone Idai struck, it took the lives of 560 people in Zimbabwe alone. Thousands were left homeless, with stocks of food and fields swept away. Your generous gifts are working to meet the needs of vulnerable families whose homes were destroyed and whose lives were turned upside down by the storm.

Without support, Ndaizivei couldn’t imagine how her family would have survived after the cyclone. A poor rural farmer from the Bikita district, Ndaizivei’s home and crops were wiped out, and she didn’t have enough food to feed their three children.

With your help, our local partner, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, was able to provide Ndaizivei and her family with emergency food, including 50kg maize meal and 5kg beans.

With enough food to last them for the month ahead, the hard work of rebuilding can begin for Ndaizivei and her family.

I am very happy to receive food. We now have enough to eat and I can use my income to buy concrete to rebuild. I am looking forward to another life
Our local partner passes on their thanks for standing with the people of Zimbabwe while they mourn their losses and begin the long process of  recovering from disaster.
The gifts sent from Australia will go a very long way in helping people find new places they can call home. For the victims of disaster, the knowledge that they are not alone, but have people far away who are driven by compassion and want to help, is indeed love that crosses borders.
Dr Rev Mtata, Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Your impact: what your gifts are bringing to families devastated by Cyclone Idai.