Australia inspires global action for refugees

30 July 2019

Topics: "Ration Challenge" refugees

The Ration Challenge started six years ago when 100 dedicated people in Australia got behind an idea to eat the same rations as a refugee for a week to raise money and awareness. Since then, more and more people have been inspired to take part, and today the Ration Challenge has become a global community for action on refugees.

Since it started, thousands of people in Australia have come together each year during Refugee Week to live on rations and raise vital funds and awareness to support refugees and other communities affected by conflict and disaster.

Now the idea has caught on overseas too. Inspired by the success of the challenge in Australia, likeminded organisations partnered with Act for Peace to bring the challenge to the UK and USA in 2019. In total, 42,000 people signed up to take the challenge around the world this year.  It was incredibly motivating to be part of.

In a society that feels increasingly divided, people around the world taking the Ration Challenge sent a message of solidarity to refugees that we stand with them, united.

Let’s keep up the momentum!   

Adrian, a Ration Challenge participant from Sydney, sits with his weeks’ worth of rations. “I don’t need to know refugees personally and they don’t need to know me,” says Adrian. “But they need to know that there are many of us who care.”

Malak, a Syrian mother of three, sits with her ration pack containing a month’s worth of food for her family.