Leave a lasting legacy

31 January 2018


Howard and Tricia believe that we all have a responsibility to help others. They are happy knowing that their legacy will help to continue this vital work into the future and make a real difference to people’s lives.

So much of the vital work we've done over the years has only been possible because of the humanity, passion and generosity of all those who leave us a gift in their Will. We talked to Howard and Tricia Graham, long-term supporters of Act for Peace, about why they made the commitment to leave a lasting legacy.

“Around 15 years ago, Tricia and I agreed that it was important to include a small number of charities in our Will.  Our children were becoming well-established and we were keen to share our good fortune in life, particularly with those caught in areas of conflict or oppression.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to help others.  It takes many of us working together to make an impact, but it can be done.

We’ve seen a lot of positive changes take place in our lifetime, but need still exists, especially for people  who have been forced to flee their homes, due to armed conflict or the effects of climate change.

We’ve had the privilege of visiting some of the projects that Act for Peace supports, meeting community members who have had their lives transformed after learning new skills through the programs. This experience is heart-warming and most affirming.

Act for Peace works through its overseas ecumenical partners, which means that the programs we support are being delivered by local people who better understand the situation and know what help is needed.
There is also an emphasis on giving a “hand-up”, rather than a “hand-out”, which is very positive and allows people to retain their dignity and develop their own future.

This way of working really appeals to us, along with the fact that Act for Peace can quickly respond virtually anywhere, through the World Council of Churches’ global agency, the ACT Alliance. 

Tricia and I are happy to think that our gift will help Act for Peace in a small way, to continue its vital work into the future. We also hope it encourages bold moves to widen support and inspire others to meet the call of Jesus to help others in need.”

- Howard Graham, Sydney

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By remembering Act for Peace and the Christmas Bowl with a gift in your Will, you are making a unique commitment to help bring safety, justice and dignity to people around the world threatened by conflict and disaster.

If the time is right, and you are considering or have already decided to leave a gift to the Christmas Bowl or Act for Peace in your Will, please contact Andy Corkill at 
acorkill@actforpeace.org.au or call him on 02 8259 0833. Andy would be delighted to confidentially discuss your options and provide you with specific wording.