Taking It To The Top

06 February 2020


In November, Voices for Justice representatives from churches, charities, and communities throughout the South Pacific visited Canberra to ask our politicians to listen to the needs of Pacific peoples as they confront climate change. Image credit: Guy Threlfo/Act for Peace
In November, Act for Peace joined with other humanitarian organisations and Australian Christians to meet with Australian politicians and advocate for commitment to the world’s displaced and underprivileged people through Micah Challenge’s Voices for Justice event. 

Voices for Justice is an inspiring four day event in Canberra. It brings together people across Australia passionate about faith and justice to lobby our MPs and state Senators on global poverty issues. By inspiring, training and equipping Christians to speak with federal politicians about global poverty, Voices for Justice has set the stage for breakthroughs and major announcements regarding Australia’s aid program in previous years.
Your support enabled important advocacy through this event, influencing policies that will have a tangible impact for people affected by conflict and disaster around the world. 
In November last year, the Australian Government announced ‘The Pacific Step-Up’ and pledged a billion dollars to help our Pacific neighbours: to have prosperous economies, respond better to natural disasters and the problems associated with climate change, and promote healthy, educated, and inclusive populations.
However there’s a real risk that Australia’s increased commitment to regional development in the pacific region comes at the cost of diminished spending in countries further afield.
So, one of the key commitments we were seeking from politicians was that the Government meets the needs of the poor and underprivileged people not just in our region, but all the around the world.
Australians and visiting Pacific leaders at this event made a big impression on our government. 230 Christians from across Australia were inspired, trained, and equipped to speak about global poverty with federal politicians. And not only did the Pacific delegates meet privately with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, they joined with the other Voices for Justice participants in 60 of a total 88 meetings to share the same message - that Australia can do more to help the world’s most vulnerable  communities.


Delegates meeting MPs

Video: Delegates meeting MPs
Two federal politicians from the South Coast, NSW, hold up Voices for Justice posters after meeting with Micah's trained delegates. Image credit: Voices for Justice