Fleeing horror, finding hope: Jamila's story

03 December 2018

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Video: Jamila
Jamila, a Rohingya woman, outside her shelter in Jamtoli Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazaar, after fleeing her home in Myanmar. Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace
Jamila fled unimaginable violence when the Myanmar army attacked her village last year, killing her son, brother, and nephew.
Jamila, her husband, and their seven remaining children left everything behind and fled to safety last year, after her village was attacked. Seeking refuge, Jamila and her family crossed the border into Bangladesh, leaving behind their home and belongings.
She’s now living in the Jamtoli refugee camp, along nearly 50,000 other Rohingya people who have escaped the brutality of this crisis. They have barely any belongings, and little access to the basics they need to survive.

But thanks to your support, Jamila was able to access the basics that we take for granted – clean water, shelter, and medical care for her family. She has also received counselling to help her heal from the trauma she faced. She says that this extra support has been a great benefit.
Jamila is also member of a Community Kitchen within the camp which provides cooking spaces for the women. Here they not only have a clean space to cook but it is a safe environment where they can meet and share stories, helping them heal from the terrible trauma they have experienced. Jamila says when she is in the Community Kitchen with her friends her depression is lifted.
Through your support, mothers like Jamila can continue to provide food, shelter, and safety to their children, hoping to one day return to their homes.


Video: Jamila2
Jamila serves up lentils she has just cooked in a Community Kitchen in Jamtoli refugee camp. Richard Wainwright/Act for Peace