A story of a boy, a goat, and a bicycle

20 April 2021

Topics: Zimbabwe

What would a new bike mean to you?

Another way to get around, something fun to do on the weekends, or maybe it's one of those impulse purchases that ends up collecting dust in the garage...

Or maybe, like for Tinashe, it changes everything.

A little while ago, Tinashe was gifted a goat. Now, you might be wondering what a goat has to do with a new bike, but stay with me. 

Tinashe was given this goat as part of the 'Pass-on-a-Gift' program run by our partners, Christian Care, in Zimbabwe. The program looks out for disabled people in the village, and trains them with new skills to help them earn their own income. With your support, these individuals can make a real contribution to their household. 

Tinashe, who's 19, was born with clubfoot, which makes most kinds of work far too painful for him. But now, he's learned the skills to look after and breed his own goats.

He's gotten so good at it that now he cares for all the goats in his village.

"After my training,” he says, "I am trusted with this task now. I take them to pastures and make sure they return safely.


Tinashe with his goat and new bicycle / Act for Peace

With the money he's made from selling the offspring, Tinashe has bought himself a new bike. For a teenage boy who used to stay at home unless someone could take him out, this new bike is much more than just a way for him to get around. 

It's given him something invaluable: his freedom.

Freedom to go into town and school, to see his friends, like every teenage boy should. 

It's these stories that remind us of the importance of our work. Something that can seem quite trivial to one person can be life changing for another.