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Thank you so much for choosing to support Act for Peace with a monthly gift. Your first gift will be processed overnight and then again on the same day each month.  We have sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Your kindness will make a massive ongoing difference to families around the world threatened by conflict and disaster.
Through your regular gifts, you are providing life-saving medical care to families suffering under the blockade in Gaza, helping farmers in Zimbabwe to grow enough food for their families, preparing communities for disasters in the Pacific, and giving girls a brighter future in Afghanistan through improved access to quality education.
Over the coming months we’ll share stories with you directly from the people who your gift is helping. They, in their own words, will tell you the real difference you are making. 
One of our lovely team members will be in contact with you shortly to welcome you and to answer any questions you may have about the work of Act for Peace.
Words cannot convey how much your kindness and generosity means to the people we work with. For everything you do – thank you.

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