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Help give sick and suffering refugees a chance at life in Ethiopia

“We must save the lives of these individuals with the limited resources at hand” Belay Negesse, Head of Social Services for our partner EOC-DICAC.

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Tekeste is a 10 year old boy who had a life threatening tumour. Thanks to donations from supporters like you, he was given a chance to survive. He has survived surgery to remove the tumour and now has the simple dream to one day become a teacher.

There are thousands of refugees like Tekeste living in refugee camps who are vulnerable or suffering from severe and life-threatening medical conditions in need of urgent care.

Please make a gift today, to help give more children like Tekeste a chance at life in Ethiopia.

The Urban Refugee Program run by Act for Peace partner, Ethiopian Orthodox Church-Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC) provides sick and suffering refugees urgent medical and social services.


Medical Care

$25 could provide food for a refugee waiting for medical care.

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Medicine for the sick

$50 could pay for life-saving medicine for a sick refugee

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Ambulance drivers

$100 could help pay the salary of our partner ambulance drivers

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Fred, 35, is a local EOC-DICAC ambulance driver. To the sick refugees he helps, and their families, Fred is much more. They see him as a member of the family, as he visits them at home and in hospital, driving them to appointments and ensuring they have the round-the-clock care they need. Born and bred in Addis Ababa, Fred knows the city like the back of his hand.

He often drives up to 350 kilometres a day in searing heat through the exhaust fumes of Addis Ababa’s congested streets, bringing people with life-threatening conditions to hospital to receive the care they need.

Fred also helps newly arrived refugees rent homes and find the medication they need, as well as bringing social workers on support visits. 

[ 9:00 am ]
Fred picks up a refugee from her apartment in Addis Ababa and takes her to her hospital appointment. Before getting help, Jamilah had to be transported in a wheelbarrow.

[ 11:00 am ]
Fred catches up with Dr Tagay Kalil about the new referrals. He is the only doctor for the 16,000 refugees in one of the 18 camps.

[ 1:00 pm ]
Avri (centre) fled the DRC with her 4 daughters and needs psychological support because of what they experienced there. Fred has brought the social worker to visit her (left).

[ 3:00 pm ]
Farid was beaten up in the camp for being from a different tribe in Sudan. Fred has brought him and his son to a safe house in Addis Ababa where they will receive medical care.

[ 4:30 pm ]
Abdullahi has a degenerative disorder and is cared for by his mother and sister. Fred is taking him to a specialist appointment. Now that he has the right care, his sister will be able to return to school and finish her studies.

Your gift today could help more ambulance drivers like Fred help sick and suffering refugees like Tekeste get the care they need.

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