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World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Palestinian children running towards the Separation Wall. Photo: Justin McIntosh / CC BY 2.0

This September, join together with churches and faith groups around the world as we mark the World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel from 20-26 September.

An initiative of the World Council of Churches the annual observance calls for an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine and a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel.
The theme for 2015 is: “God has broken down the dividing Walls”, focusing on the Separation Wall. When completed, the Wall will annex nearly half of the West Bank, isolating communities into ghettos and “military zones”. Communities living in these areas face harsh living conditions. Many have lost land, access to markets and their livelihood, the ability to move around freely and face possible expulsion.
As people of faith, we must call on God, to be present among us today to remove dividing walls.

How your church can get involved

During the World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel your church is invited to:

1. Pray

Pray with churches living under occupation, using Worship Liturgy prepared for Sunday 20th September with a Jerusalem Prayer.

2. Take action!

Sign and promote Act for Peace’s online advocacy action in your parish. The action calls on the Australian Foreign Minister to use all diplomatic efforts to help lift the blockade and end the suffering in Gaza. 
Israel’s seven-year blockade of Gaza has paralysed the movement of people, goods and humanitarian aid to and from Gaza with dire consequences on the health and well-being of the 1.8 million people living in the Gaza Strip.
We nee meaningful action to find permanent peace solutions for Palestinians and Israeli’s based on the foundations of international law.

A young boy looks on at the rubble of destroyed and badly damaged homes in Shijaia, Gaza City, 2014. R. Wainwright.

3. Educate

Educate about actions that make for peace using a guide to the Facts & the Law especially related to the Separation Wall.
Download the Complete Package of Resources.

Why get involved?

By participating you will keep this important issue alive in your parish as well as send a clear message to the Australian Foreign Minister that we want to see an end to the suffering in Gaza.

Act for Peace in Gaza

Act for Peace has been working in Gaza for over 20 years through dedicated local partners. Through the generosity of our Australian supporters and AusAID/DFAT funding, Act for Peace continues to support essential primary health care services and vocational training and employment opportunities for vulnerable Palestinian families.
Read more about our work.

Click to view Where Law stands on the Wall:


"But we must be very clear that the people of Palestine have every right to struggle for their dignity and freedom. It is a struggle that has the support of many around the world.
No human-made problems are intractable when humans put their heads together with the earnest desire to overcome them. No peace is impossible when people are determined to achieve it.
Peace requires the people of Israel and Palestine to recognize the human being in themselves and each other; to understand their interdependence.

Missiles, bombs and crude invective are not part of the solution. There is no military solution."
(Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu)

More ways to take action

Right now, children are starving to death in South Sudan. Please give an urgent gift today to halt this famine before it kills even more children.

Take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge and eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week (June 2017). Raise money to support refugees who have lost everything, and challenge perspectives – including your own.

Right now, thousands of innocent people are fleeing Syria every day to protect their families from bloodshed, violence and death. We need your support to provide emergency relief packs to the families fleeing in Syria.