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2011 Media releases

For all media enquiries, please contact Jess Xavier, Media & Communications Coordinator, on 02 8259 0832 or jxavier@actforpeace.org.au.

  11 November 2011 The Christmas Bowl shines a light on suffering women in Pakistan
Australians who support Act for Peace’s Christmas Bowl appeal in 2011 will be helping to provide quality doctors and health workers in Kohistan, promote greater awareness of the importance of health care and hygiene and help women access the pre- and post-natal care they need.

3 November 2011 More Burmese people displaced in past year under 'democracy' than in previous ten
A report on displacement and poverty in Burma to be released in Australia on Monday has found that despite growing opportunities for change by the Burmese government, the Burmese army has forcibly displaced more people in the past year than at any time in the past 10 years.

17 October 2011 Australian churches help change lives in Zimbabwe through the Christmas Bowl
Church-goers who support this year’s Christmas Bowl will be helping to lift farmers in Zimbabwe out of poverty, thanks to improved farming techniques which deliver greater crop yields.

13 September 2011 Invest in peace on International Peace Day, say aid agencies
Leading Australian and international experts will discuss issues of peace and conflict resolution in Canberra on September 20, on the eve of the International Day of Peace. The panel discussion, Build Peace, End Poverty: What Can Australia Do?, will highlight the role Australia can play in building global peace and security.

12 August 2011 Festival will Highlight Contribution of Refugees to Australian Society
The Festival of Refugees in St Kilda on Sunday August 21 will celebrate the positive and creative contributions made by refugees and asylum seekers to Australian society.

20 July 2011 Ongoing conflict in the Horn of Africa exacerbates effects of drought
Severe food shortages as a result of drought, and ongoing conflict in the Horn of Africa, have left millions of people on the brink of starvation, and help is urgently needed, says Alistair Gee, Executive Director of Act for Peace.

5 July 2011 International support needed for South Sudan as violence increases
As South Sudan prepares to become the world’s newest country on 9 July, Act for Peace and other humanitarian organisations are deeply concerned about heavy fighting in the disputed border areas between North and South Sudan, including Abyei and South Kordofan. Between January and mid-May 2011, over 117,000 people were displaced and almost 1,400 killed in South Sudan alone, more deaths than in all of 2010.

14 June 2011 Violence against civilians in Sudan sparks fears of return to war
Escalating violence against civilians in Sudan’s disputed South Kordofan state is leading to a major humanitarian catastrophe and threatens to return war to Sudan just weeks before the independence of South Sudan.

26 May 2011 New Global Figures Highlight Need to Act for Peace
The latest figures from the 2011 Global Peace Index launched today in Canberra show that overall the world has become less peaceful over the past year. Around 740,000 people die from armed conflict each year.

28 April 2011 Afghan campaigner will highlight need for action on deadly cluster bombs
International cluster munitions campaigner Soraj Ghulam Habib will visit Australia from 1 to 14 May to raise awareness of the grave threat posed by cluster bombs and other remnants of war. He hopes his visit will help highlight the need for strong international action to implement the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, a groundbreaking international treaty which seeks to completely ban cluster munitions for all time.

4 March 2011 Australia’s chance to stop arms sales to Libya and other dictatorships
As violence and unrest in Libya worsens, Act for Peace urges the Australian Government to increase its support for a global Arms Trade Treaty that would help prevent the flow of weapons into conflict zones and countries with poor human rights records.

22 February 2011 Churches across Australia throw their support behind the Christmas Bowl
Generous giving by churches around Australia to the Christmas Bowl, the annual program of Act for Peace, will help people in war-torn communities worldwide to rebuild their lives. 

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