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Life inside "the world's largest prison"

They call it ‘the world’s largest prison’. At least that’s what it feels like for Palestinians trapped inside Gaza and living under Israel’s illegal blockade of the territory. While the fighting has stopped for now, women, children, the elderly and disabled continue to suffer from the ongoing legacies of war. And their suffering is made worse by the blockade, now in its eighth year.

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The blockade prevents vital humanitarian aid, medicine and basic supplies, including materials needed for reconstruction, from entering the territory. It continues to prolong the humanitarian crisis for Gaza’s 1.8 million citizens, and is contributing to the ongoing cycle of conflict in the region.
Israel, as the occupying power is bound by international law to ensure adequate public health standards and medical care is provided to the population under occupation. But the World Health Organisation says the public health system is nearing collapse, and sick people are denied access to critically needed healthcare outside the Gaza Strip. One year on from the conflict, little reconstruction work has been completed because of the lack of building materials, leaving thousands of families homeless and without access to essential services.
The United Nations has repeatedly raised concerns about the humanitarian situation, and recently warned that Gaza was “more isolated than ever”. 

Will you join a global call to lift the blockade of Gaza?The-Link-winter-2015-gaza-spotlight-pullout.jpg

More than 1,400 Act for Peace supporters have already written to Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs, demanding she publically call for Israel to lift the blockade and use all diplomatic efforts to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

The time to act is now. Will you join us? Add your voice to the call at www.actforpeace.org.au/blockade



Download our infographic on the impact the conflict and blockade is having on Palistinians trapped within Gaza. 

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