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The Link | summer 2016

In this issue of The Link find out how you are helping farmers in Zimbabwe provide enough food for their families, teaching them innovative farming techniques. You'll learn about the work we do to support Syrian families who had to flee their homes and how you’re helping them find the physical and emotional strength they need to cope with the horrors they have suffered. Find out more about issues that impact vulnerable communities all around the world here.

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  • Planting the seeds of change

    Together we are empowering farmers from Zimbabwe to provide enough food for their families through innovative farming techniques. These simple but revolutionary farming solutions are much better suited to the cycle of drought and low rainfall that Zimbabwe is now experiencing,

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  • Strength in a time of trial

    You’re helping Syrian and Iraqi families find the physical and emotional strength they need to cope with the horrors they have suffered during the war, and the hardships of life as a refugee.

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  • Giving hope to people broken by war

    Volunteer Fatima helps to distribute aid to fellow refugees in Jordan ‘with love and a smile’. She’s determined to help others regain the dignity she lost on the dangerous and traumatic journey from Syria.

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  • New goals will help confront injustice

    In September 2015, world leaders adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

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  • Myanmar election result

    The recent democratic elections in Myanmar were undoubtedly a positive step for the country’s long-suffering citizens. But significant challenges remain and many refugees are still
    unsure when it will be safe for them to return home.

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  • Sharing Christmas

    This Christmas you came together as churches, communities and individuals to form a bridge of love and compassion between those who have enough and those who have too little.

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  • A green and resilient future

    As world leaders met in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference to set global warming targets, ordinary citizens and community groups marched to demand real action.

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Help farmers grow enough to feed their families

Help farmers grow enough to feed their families

Zimbabwe experiences a drought once every 3 years, and this year, low rainfall has destroyed crops in most parts of the country. Right now, more than one third of people living in rural Zimbabwe are battling malnutrition and facing extreme hunger.

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