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YOUR October peace mail from Sri Lanka

Dear Friends,

My name is Mrs Rajanathan.* In 1990 I fled Sri Lanka with my husband and two children. We first went to a refugee camp in Rameswaram and then onto a refugee camp in Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, India. We have been living as refugees in India for 28 years now.

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We built our lives as best we could here. We had two more children and all four attended school. About 10 years ago my husband, who was addicted to alcohol, separated from me and my children. I was left alone to care for them and so I got a job with Act for Peace’s partner the Organisation for Eelam Refugees' Rehabilitation (OfERR), teaching at evening school in the refugee camp. This helped us make ends meet.

In 2014, I became ill with kidney problems which led to paralysis of my legs. I visited doctors and they told me that I would not be able to walk anymore. This was devastating news. I was unable to go anywhere and I became depressed as I was stuck at home. I didn’t want my life to continue this way so I wrote a letter to OfERR explaining my situation and asked if they could help.

Through the support of Act for Peace, OfERR was able to provide me with a wheelchair so I could get around. This was an answer to prayer. Now I can fulfill my basic needs. I sit in my chair and I can do some of my housework. In the evenings, I can go to visit my friends. I am no longer depressed and my life is no longer a misery. This wheelchair has filled my life with hope.

But the most important thing is that I went to Church after many years and saw my God. I begged him for mercy and cried my heart out. My Lord has blessed me. Going to church makes me feel better and grateful. I want to thank you wholeheartedly for that. I am happy now.

My youngest son will complete his academic studies by the end of next year and after that we will return to Sri Lanka together. I will go with this wheelchair and start a new life in my homeland.

Thank you for your kindness,

Mrs Rajanathan*

*Mrs Rajanathan’s name has been changed to protect her identity as a refugee.

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$24 can help provide wheelchairs, crutches, and mobility aids to those with physical impairments

$96 can help provide assistance with major surgeries and medical treatments, which are not covered by government insurance, such as kidney, heart & other chronic conditions.

Please give generously to continue our life-saving work here or find out about how you can become an Act for Peace Regular Giver.


Act for Peace’s partner, OfERR (Organisation for Eelam Refugees' Rehabilitation) provides physical therapy for children with cerebral palsy, special wheelchairs for children and adults with muscular dystrophy or paralysis, and corrective lens spectacles and hearing aids for those with sight and hearing impairments.


This past year, OfERR has provided special education to 27 disabled children, donated medical appliances to 167 refugees - including Mrs Rajanathan - and spectacles to 213 people, many of whom are elderly.


Additionally, many serious conditions require long-term medication to manage and keep them under control. When refugees have limited income, often they discontinue their medication halfway through treatment simply because it isn’t affordable. Through your support, Act for Peace and OfERR are committed to helping these patients stay the course and thanks to your generosity, we can continue to do so.

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