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YOUR August peace mail from Pakistan

Dear Friends,

I am a teacher at a government primary school for girls. The students I teach are aged 10-15 and are at varying levels of learning. My hope is that they will become good people, and some might even earn a high profile through their work.

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It is far less common in rural Pakistan for girls to go to school and I believe it is extremely important to give girls an education. I want to thank you because without your gifts this simply wouldn’t be possible as most families can’t afford the cost. Further, many of the girls I teach have mothers who are illiterate. The students I am teaching will be the first generation of girls in their families to read and write.

However, we do face challenges! Parents don’t send their girls to school every day and often keep their daughters at home to help with chores. It is an old-fashioned view but some parents don’t think there is any problem if their girls will miss a day or two of school. Also, when we give students homework it doesn’t always get done because parents keep the children busy with other jobs at home.

We work to encourage a change in the attitude of parents and explain that educated girls can be great help in their homes even at a young age. They can read correspondence and help manage bills and household expenses.

I tell the girls and their parents that education is needed in all aspects of life. For instance, if you are illiterate and fall ill, how do you communicate with doctors, complete important forms or know what medicines to buy? In the home, if you can’t read you can’t tell how to administer medicine correctly or tell when medicine has expired. If these girls couldn’t read or write then they could miss out on opportunities or the chance to achieve goals for themselves.

If parents are reluctant to educate children, I explain to them that schooling is not just book learning, it also teaches discipline. Education plays a large role in making good people. In stories, in experiments and in religious books, children learn lessons about what is the right or wrong thing to do, and the consequences. Moreover, many children see teachers as role models and often want to become teachers themselves. An educated woman will help create a good society.

The education that we are giving girls at primary school level is a good start. The work your gifts are making possible is laying a sturdy foundation. Thank you.



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Your support, together with Australian Aid support through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), is helping to fund the education program of our partner in rural Pakistan Community World Service Asia (CWSA), making a real and lasting difference for a generation of children. It has been the custom in many parts of rural Pakistan that girls marry early or are kept home to help out with household chores. As such, young girls are often burdened with countless household and family responsibilities, leaving no time or priority for education.


Further, rural communities in Pakistan often lack qualified teachers and schooling resources. These elements seriously restrict the quality of education in classrooms but also mean poor attendance in schools. Your gifts provide training and materials to teachers, giving them the tools they need to make their classrooms effective learning environments for children, opening up doors to education which didn’t exist before now.

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UN research shows that educating girls has a "multiplier effect"

Educated girls are less likely to be forced into early marriage and their children will be better cared for and educated.

For some girls, early marriage is the result of their family not having the resources to support all the children and early marriage can be used to reduce the financial burden on a family. In contrast, an educated girl is more likely to be able to generate an income and contribute to the household.

Please give a gift today and help more children go to school and grow up with a future full of possibility.

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