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YOUR August peace mail from Jordan

Dear Friends,

I am a civil engineer but I haven’t found a job in my field for a while. It has been very frustrating to be without work. Instead of having empty days I decided to volunteer with DSPR-Jordan (Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – Jordan). I have found this work to be amazing. I’ve worked here for a year and I am part of a team.

Image credit: Ben Littlejohn/Act for Peace Image Frame Haneen volunteers her time to help refugees.

I volunteer at the women’s training centre in Talbieh camp. My volunteer role encompasses training women on health and nutrition, promoting girls education programs and also small business planning and implementation.

When refugee women first visit our centre, I would say that 90% feel nervous and don’t know what we can offer them. But after one or two visits they get to know us and what we do. Most will take part in a program because they find that the programs are useful.

One has to remember that the women who come here cannot help what has happened to them. These women didn’t have anything to do with wars or conflicts, and what happened to them could happen to anyone. I can’t stand to see children suffering, getting driven out of their homes, losing the right of living their childhood. These families have come to Jordan to survive. So I feel that the least we could do is provide them with training and information so they are supported emotionally while they wait to return home.

For example, one day I was training a small business class and was explaining ‘initiatives, planning and management.’ The subject sounds complicated and many of the women who attended didn’t have an education. I was surprised by how much they grasped and the applicable solutions they provided. In my opinion, without the training in our centre these women would not have learned such things.

I think that volunteering is a great mark you can leave on people’s lives. I feel like I am no longer wasting my time without a job as an engineer but rather I am investing my time. I want to help people as much as possible and because you support our programs, I can do that.

Thank you,



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Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, more than 4.8 million Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Within Syria’s borders, it is estimated that another 6 million people have been displaced from their homes.

Through your kind gifts, Act for Peace’s local partner, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan (DSPR-Jordan), provides Syrian refugees with food rations, health care, clothing and blankets. As this crisis stretches on and people are unable to return home, your gifts have meant that our partner can offer training courses to women to help improve their household’s income and give them a sense of purpose.

Women are trained in food preservation, weaving, cheese making and basic small business skills. Not only will they have an occupation while they are refugees in Jordan, they will also have skills to return home with and start small businesses there.

Your support is making a difference

  • $28 can help a refugee woman attend a workshop for kitchen production, life skills or health and nutrition.
  • $378 can help a refugee woman complete a 'Start Your Own Business' course.

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