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YOUR JANUARY peace mail from jordan

Dear friends!

I am a camp co-ordinator and volunteer for DSPR – Jordan, Act for Peace’s partner on the ground here in Jordan. I help Syrians arriving in Jordan. I feel happy when I am supporting people and help meet their needs. When refugees first arrive we do a household survey of the family unit – the number of adults and children. Then we help the family complete registration papers. Finally, we provide aid packages wherever possible. We can only reach a small number of refugees, so as a committee we decide who will be first to receive food, clothing and blankets.

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The life of Syrians here is very difficult. Schools are overcrowded and often children don’t attend class. The Syrians feel like strangers – it’s hard to integrate and they feel marginalized.

The refugees and my co-workers have given me the title of ‘the mother of refugees.’ I love and I enjoy social service and I would like to offer whatever I can - a smile, love, care, support- whatever I can for the refugees.

Thanks to your gifts, I am also able to help provide training for women in skills like sewing and cooking. Learning and using these skills gives women purpose and value while they live here as they can earn extra income for their household.

News of my good work has spread and now women send their daughters to me to get advice about work and school. It is conservative here so it’s not good for girls or women to go out on the street, but they want to see me so the men agree to let their daughters and wives come and talk with me.

Thanks to your kind support and care more food packages are arriving which is great for families as they will have enough food for a whole month. Your support also means that we can give women hygiene packages which have both essentials and nice things. Children receive clothes that they would have gone without otherwise.

My hope is that eventually every refugee can return safely to their homeland, until then I hope we can help them while they are refugees here. I am very thankful to you.


*Virginia’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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Peacemail-Australia-mapSince the Syrian crisis began in 2011, 4.81 million Syrian refugees have been displaced into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, and there are a further estimated 6.1 million internally displaced people within Syria.

With your help, Act for Peace’s local partner, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, supports Syrian refugees by providing food ration packs to the most vulnerable families, as well as emergency hygiene kits containing clothing, soap and sanitary items to help maintain health and prevent illness and disease.

Your support is also helping to empower refugee women through social and economic training and forums. Women are trained in how to make a living through food preservation, weaving and hairdressing and are able to use their skills to earn an income and support their families.

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