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A light of hope for refugees fleeing Syria

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You have made possible the work I’m doing for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Your generous gifts have had a tremendous impact on the lives of the women I work with.

My name is Mujdellen and I work for Act for Peace’s partner, DSPR – Jordan, in the camps for Syrian refugees who have fled their homes for fear of violence. My job has two parts and I am always busy!

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Firstly, I am in charge of registering some of the newly arrived families in the camps for their rations of food and blankets. Most of those who make it to the camp arrive with little as they have had to leave in a hurry. While I’m meeting and registering new arrivals I get the chance to tell them about the training courses we freely offer and how this can help while they are displaced. The other part of my job is teaching Syrian women new skills so they can earn an income. We run a ‘Start your own business’ course which provides training in various skills to provide a

When I first started our courses for women we focused on carpentry and weaving but demand for these skills was limited so we investigated the market to see what was needed by the local population. We found that local Jordanian women were paying for beauty services. After
examining the feasibility of this service, we built our capacity to run courses in beauty care. Our beauty care course runs for four months and the students learn the essentials of providing beauty treatments.

It has been a huge success! We have already had several classes of women complete the course, begin their services and start earning an income to support their families. The women I teach have been through so much just to reach the camps. When they get the chance 
to take part in our training they are excited and proud and give it their best. With these new skills, many are able to work from home which means they don’t face the societal problems of leaving the home without a male to accompany them.

The women tell me that having a job to do each day and being able to contribute to the family income transforms their time here. For me, it is a privilege to be able to provide a light of hope in their lives. I am so thankful that because of your kind support we can do this.

 - Mujdellen

Prayer Points:
  • Give thanks for the work of DSPR in Jordan in providing hope for refugees.
  • Pray for an end to the conflict in Syria so those who are displaced can return safely home.

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Peacemail-syria-jordan-mapYou may recall the work of our partner DSPR (the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees) in the Gaza strip helping Palestinians through child and maternal health care and vocational skills training. Since the crisis in Syria started almost four years ago, DSPR has been actively working with refugee populations who have fled conflict and are now living in urban areas in neighbouring Jordan.

Through your generous monthly gifts, Act for Peace supports our partner DSPR-Jordan’s ‘Start your own business’ program. The program was first launched in two locations: Talbiah Camp in October 2014 and Husn Camp in November 2014, both of which are located outside of Jordan’s capital, Amman. The goal of the ‘Start your own business’ program is to generate economic and social empowerment amongst refugee women, to build confidence and to encourage women to think beyond their limitations. With new skills these women can generate an income to support their families.

The program accommodates 26 Syrian women at a time and runs for four months.

Beyond the ‘Start your own business’ program, your generous gifts support work to reduce vulnerability of the Syrian refugee population in Jordan through humanitarian assistance, healthcare and psychosocial support. In 2015 alone, DSPR’s work with refugee populations in Jordan helped more than 7,000 families receive essential food and non-food assistance.

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