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Trained to help Sri Lankan refugees in Southern India

This is a great story of Mrs Chetti. She has received training, thanks to our Act for Peace Partners, to become one of 35 volunteer counsellors in the Tamil camps in Southern India. Hear about how she is helping others.

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Hello to my neighbours in Australia.  I am Reverend ‘Ilaiakimi of the Free Tonga Church in Pukotala Village.  I’m 44 and live with my wife and family.  Thank you for caring about my community. 

I’ve seen the destruction that our friends in Vanuatu have just been through with Cyclone Pam. I remember when my land was devastated after Tropical Cyclone Ian last year.  This was a Category 5 storm, as well.   My congregation are praying for a swift and safe recovery for the people of Vanuatu.

Every year we get tropical cyclones and storms during the wet season. And every year these storms tear through our homes and land, and we need to rebuild afterwards.  Of course, the worst part was that people in my village would not always make it through. 
Three years ago, a Field Project Officer from Act for Peace and the Tonga National Council of Churches (TNCC) spoke with me about the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) project. He explained that with planning and some basic equipment the chance of surviving a cyclone and reducing damage to our property would be greatly increased.  We were taught evacuation procedures and each family in our village was shown how to pack and prepare a family emergency kit in advance.  I did a training course with Act for Peace and spoke with my church family about Disaster Risk Reduction.
Our old church building was destroyed by Cyclone Ian, but the good news is that we all knew not to take shelter here.  We were trained to go to a community evacuation centre that was built as part of the DRM program, and fitted with a water tank and food supplies.
When the warning came of the powerful strength of Cyclone Ian, I was in a team responsible for evacuating every family in my village.  We went door to door and told everyone that they had 30 minutes to leave.  Many were prepared with their family emergency kit but some others were not so ready! We are a good community and everyone helped each other.
When time was up I blew the conch shell horn for all to hear that we must leave. The wind was already strong and the team did a quick check that no one was left behind. By the time I was in the shelter the noise from the wind was terrifying.  Inside, we were at peace because we were together - no one was left alone outside. 
Without the training that we received by Act for Peace and the TNCC we would not have had an organised and practised evacuation.  And we would not have had shelter, water and food supplies ready for the storm and the weeks that followed.  So I stand at my old church building which was destroyed but I am not sad. It is only a building. My family and friends in our village are the church.

- Mrs Chetti

* Names have been changed to protect identities

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Thanks to your generous support, the Organisation for Eelam Refugees

Rehabilitation (OfERR) has counsellors travel between the camps in each region, identifying and working with those requiring help. Group and individual meetings are held, depending on the needs and problems of the people involved. In some cases the need for further psychiatric treatment is acknowledged by counsellors, and refugees are referred to hospital for specialist treatment. OfERR has health workers based in each camp and they also play a crucial role in identifying those who will benefit from the time and expertise of OfERR counsellors.

Cultural activities are promoted by the counselling programme – such social events have been shown to help in arresting depression and other forms of mental trauma affecting the refugee community. All this work has been conducted with limited financial resources other than the commitment of OfERR’s greatest asset – its people. This continuing commitment is of great value to the refugees, whose experiences and sufferings are shared and understood by counsellors.

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