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YOUR September peace mail from Syria

Dear Friends,

My name is Omar and I am 11 years old. I am from Homs, Syria and I loved living there. I lived in a large building with my family including my aunts and uncles and cousins. I have many happy memories. I could play with my cousins each day and getting together for meals was the best thing. I enjoyed painting and being outside with my cousins.

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One day my dad was at work, he was a driver and as he was driving around a sniper shot at his car. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but after that my dad decided we had to leave because it was too dangerous to stay. My dad is a good man and very funny. You would enjoy sitting with him. He is respectful to old people and children. He works hard and enjoys cooking. I love to go on a picnic with him and spend time with him.

My mum is very brave but the journey from Homs to Jordan was too much for her. She was really afraid to a point that she became sick. She was so ill, but still loving and caring. She is better now and I help her to tidy the house.

My family - my mum and dad, two brothers and my three sisters – travelled to Jordan, it was very hard. We took as much as we could with us but along the journey we lost a lot of our luggage and belongings. We didn’t have enough money to pay for much in the way of transport and I remember we were mostly scared of losing each other. We thought at one point we would all be separated. We were so tired and stressed but we stayed together.

We arrived in Jordan and people were very helpful. I have continued with school and had a backpack and school materials provided and there have been medical days so if someone in my family is sick, they are able to get help.

The good thing is that good people like from DSPR Jordan are treating us well and they are making us feel like we are at home.

I would like to be a doctor when I grow up so I can help the poor people who can’t afford medical care. Through all this I have discovered that I am patient and that I care about other people’s feelings. I didn’t know this about myself before and I hope it makes me a good doctor.

I want to thank the Australian people who have helped us because they care about the Syrian people’s feelings. I wish one day to visit Australia and see your beautiful country.


*Omar’s name has been changed to protect his identity as a minor and refugee.

Thank You! In July, more than 4,400 people across Australia took part in the annual Act for Peace Ration Challenge. For one week they ate the same rations as a Syrian Refugee in Jordan. Together over $2,251,000 was raised – enough to provide rations for 8,216 refugees for a whole year.

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Your Support is making a difference:

$25 can provide a child with a backpack and school materials so they can attend school and participate in class

$6,792 can provide a full medical day at the refugee camp; families can see doctors and nurses for a range of health needs.

The people of Syria have been caught up in almost eight years of bitter internal conflict in their country. During that time, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, towns and cities have been reduced to rubble and over 5.6 million Syrians have been forced to flee for safety to neighbouring countries and beyond. The latest data from the UN states that approximately 670,900 Syrian refugees are living in Jordan, both in and outside of refugee camps.


Life is a daily struggle and few are able to find work to meet even their basic needs. As a result, huge numbers are dependent on humanitarian aid – food, medicines, shelter, and clothing – for their very survival. Your support helps our partner on the ground DSPR Jordan (Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – Jordan) deliver blankets, school materials, medical days and much more. This not only provides essentials for refugees in Jordan but can help build a sense of community between refugees and DSPR workers.


Despite their struggle and the trauma they’ve lived through, refugees show amazing strength and resilience and will do whatever they can to build a safe and dignified future for themselves and their families.


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