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YOUR October peace mail from Pakistan

Dear Friends,

My name is Sami and I am the headmaster and teacher at a local primary school in Pakistan. I have been teaching for over 25 years.

When I was a child going to school, I was among only four girls who went to school in our village. In my class we were the only four girls and the rest were boys. My parents encouraged my education in a time when education was not even considered for girls.

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Likewise, when I started to teach, there were few girls as compared to boys. I encouraged the girls in class so that they could motivate other girls to enrol in the school.

I never thought I would be teaching students let alone girls. Today, some parents do not send their children or daughters to school due to the old traditions and barriers existing in society. But, I want to tell these parents that education is important for everyone and I believe it is a privilege to teach girls.

It is important for girls to gain an education because their views and decisions are taken into consideration. As they are educated, they are qualified and understand the situation better in order to bring change. Also, there are many parents and other elderly family members who are uneducated so someone who is educated is a considerable help to a family. There are times when people accidentally buy expired food or even medicines because they can’t read.

I want our society to come out of these cultural barriers and progress like other cities and countries. The students I teach will grow up and become good people who will help in developing our area. My students share their dreams of becoming nurses, doctors, engineers or pilots.

I believe that education is the one forum through which they will be able to achieve their goals.

I want to thank you for supporting innovative teaching methods and training for the teachers and the students in Pakistan.


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Your support of Act for Peace’s local partner, Community World Service Asia’s (CWSA) education program in rural Pakistan, is making a real and lasting difference in the education of a generation of children.


It has been the custom in many parts of rural Pakistan for girls to marry early or stay home to help with household chores, which then places no value or worth on education.


As well as this cultural barrier, rural communities can lack qualified teachers and education resources which restrict the quality of education in the classroom.



Your gifts make a difference!


$70 can help supply 30 students with educational toys including jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, pictorial cards and more, helping to ensure classrooms are vibrant and joyful places for children to learn.


Please pray:


• Please pray for the teachers, girls and their families in Pakistan, that they will believe in the value of education.


• Please give thanks for Act for Peace’s local partner, CWSA, who has been able to ensure children are still receiving educational support during the COVID-19 pandemic by developing and distributing home school education kits to students in rural and remote areas.


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