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YOUR March peace mail from Jordan

Dear Friends,

My name is Farah¹ and I am from Syria but I currently live with my four children in Jordan. Back home we lived in the countryside and had goats and sheep. We used their milk to make cheese and butter and we had olive trees which we used to harvest and extract the oil. We enjoyed a simple and happy life, and we used to feel safe and secure there.

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When the war broke out, our life wasn’t affected much at first. But, a year and a half later we started to suffer when our village was attacked and we began to hear bombs overhead. We were extremely terrified and knew we had to leave.

At first we moved from village to village, and at times we slept in the streets with nothing over our heads. Eventually, we escaped from Syria and arrived in Jordan where we had no food, no water and no shelter. We felt desolate.

My son was able to find work but it was really hard in the beginning because it wasn’t a lot of money and we could only have one meal a day. But, we then started receiving vital food packages which gave us enough to eat. When we receive this food, it is a delightful moment.

We still had a financial shortage, but after we received the food packages I was able to put a little bit of money aside. I had the idea of starting my own business and selling cheese. I thought that as long as I could make something, I should earn some money from it.

I started to order a little milk every day and sell the things I made like cheese, butter, labneh and curd. This changed things for the better! My girls are now going to school again. They feel so happy and pleased for that because without school, they felt empty.

Today, I can now buy the things my children need. I want to express my feeling of gratitude that the Australian people donate to us.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


¹Farah's name has been changed to protect her identity as a refugee.

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Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, more than 6 million people have been displaced internally with a further 4.8 million people who have been forced to flee their homes to neighbouring countries, including Jordan. The conflict in Syria has become one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.


With your support, Act for Peace’s local partner the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – Jordan (DSPR), provides food ration packs to the most vulnerable families, as well as emergency hygiene kits containing clothing, soap and sanitary items to help maintain health and prevent illness and disease.


Your support is also helping to empower refugee women through giving them training, so that they can start their own businesses and are able to use their skills to earn an income and support their families.


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