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The Christmas Bowl appeal is an important part of Christmas celebrations through giving, sharing and fundraising.

Together we are working for safety, dignity and justice in communities threatened by conflict and disaster. We’re making sure Burmese refugees have enough to eat, providing desperately needed medical care for Palestinian families in Gaza, and giving hope to Christians and other groups fleeing persecution in Iraq.  We come together ecumenically since 1949 to build a more peaceful world, “full of grace and truth”, in the way and spirit of Jesus. Thank you for joining us.

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How to take part in the Christmas Bowl appeal


Giving is an important part of our Christmas celebrations. Making a gift to the Christmas Bowl appeal is an act of hope and love, where our Christian community in Australia come together in aid of some of the most vulnerable people on earth. 

We have enclosed giving envelopes in your kit: they are a wonderfully simple way to help your congregation take part in this year’s Christmas Bowl by making a gift. The most effective use of these giving envelopes is to place them directly into the hands of the people in your congregation. Why not ask someone in your audience to help hand them out? 

Then once they are filled, all your congregation has to do is to return them directly to us with their credit card details or a cheque. There is no need for a stamp, and we’ll send them a receipt directly.

Another alternative is for you to collect all the donations for the Christmas Bowl appeal and send them back together. Some churches choose to hold several open plate collections for the Christmas Bowl during Advent. Please go to page 30 for more information about how to send in your gifts.



The following pages contain stories from the people whose lives your gifts are helping to transform as well as liturgy resources including prayers, hymns, Bible readings and sermon starters. 

The resources are a wonderful way to share the positive impact of the Christmas Bowl, and can aid in prayer and reflection about the courage that these people are showing despite their plight. 

You can find more resources on the Christmas Bowl website, including clip art, PowerPoint presentations, videos and prayers.

Fundraising & ecumenical action


Have you considered doing something slightly different to make a bigger difference in the lives of people threatened by conf lict and disaster? For example, why not put on a carol service? You could make it ecumenical by contacting other churches in the neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate together the birth of Jesus and express our faith and sol idarity with those experiencing suffering and poverty.

You can download our ecumenical carol guide from our resources page for tips on how to run your own service.



Act for Peace Representatives

Act for Peace Representatives are people from your congregation willing to participate in the life of your church and be an extra-link between you and Act for Peace. If you don’t have an Act for Peace Representative and would like to nominate someone, please contact your local Act for Peace Development Officer. They can help you coordinate the Christmas Bowl appeal in your parish.

If you already have an Act for Peace Representative, please take the time during one of your services to thank them for their time and contribution.

We’re here to help

Got a great fundraising idea or looking for inspiration? We'll love to hear from you. Contact your local Development Officer:  

Jeff Wild – Victoria and Tasmania
T: (03) 9650 6811

Queensland and Northern Territory, New South Wales and ACT
Please contact Act for Peace at



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Taking Part as a

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Your gifts to the Christmas Bowl

Thanks to your generous support, vulnerable families have been able to rebuild their shattered lives and keep their children safe.

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