Christmas Bowl for Schools

Christmas Bowl for Schools

Participating in Act for Peace’s Christmas Bowl appeal is a great way for schools across Australia to make a difference to the world’s most vulnerable people through the power of giving.

The Christmas Bowl teaches students the importance of compassion and love, and how they can make a lasting difference in the lives of people threatened by conflict and disaster.
Act for Peace thanks you and your school community for joining us to make a difference to the lives of people whose needs are so much greater than our own. We know Term 4 can be a very busy time at school so that’s why we’ve put together a toolkit with everything you need to run the Christmas Bowl appeal in your school.

To get involved simply download the toolkit for schools.
On page 4, we provide information on the history of the Christmas Bowl and why it remains a vital link between those who have enough and those who have too little. Pages 6-7 share the story of a young refugee girl named Achala who was diagnosed with leukaemia at just eight years old. Throughout the toolkit you will find resources and activities for primary school and secondary school students aimed at raising awareness about refugees and lifesaving healthcare.

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