The Inaugural Frank Byatt lecture

The inaugural Frank Byatt Memorial lecture was delivered by Rev Dr Sandy Yule on Sunday 16 November at Electra St Uniting Church, Williamstown.

Lecture opening

This is the inaugural Frank Byatt Memorial Lecture. It is the first (and most probably, the last) inaugural lecture of my career. I take it that the task of an inaugural lecturer is to show why a series of lectures is desirable. I would add that the task includes leaving plenty of material for subsequent lecturers, and I certainly intend to do that.

This event is jointly sponsored by the Williamstown Uniting Church, in celebration of Frank Byatt's ministry here over sixty years ago, and Act for Peace (NCCA), in thanksgiving for the ongoing legacy of the Christmas Bowl Appeal, sixty five years old and counting. Not being a Williamstown local, I will leave the further gathering of local memories of Frank to another lecturer. Not being an historian, I shall also leave a more judicious assessment of the full historical record to another lecturer. I think it more within my scope to reflect on the surprising longevity of the Christmas Bowl Appeal and the contemporary relevance of the ecumenical agenda which gave rise to it. My focus will be on establishing some of the questions that might be worth pursuing in subsequent lectures. Continue reading the full lecture

Outline of the lecture

  • The Christmas Bowl Appeal
  • Frank Byatt
  • Reason 1. The need is as strong as ever.
  • Reason 2. Australians have been able to give.
  • Reason 3. Christmas.
  • Reason 4. National Ecumenical Sponsorship.
  • Reason 5. The World Council of Churches
  • Reason 6. Frank Byatt
  • A Letter from Frank Byatt
  • Ecumenical Future?
  • Future Lecture Topics
Download the full lecture in pdf
Thank you to Rev Dr Sandy Yule and Rev Dr Avril Hannah-Jones and all those involved for making the night a success.