Helping farmers in Zimbabwe learn the new skills they need to survive

Zimbabwe has been hit by a devastating drought, and farmers are struggling to grow enough food. The farming techniques they’ve used for generations just aren’t working any more.

Beauty and her husband spend hours each day in their fields under the boiling sun, but even with all their backbreaking work, they can’t grow enough to support their family. Beauty is struggling to keep her children healthy with the tiny yields she’s getting from her farm. They’re malnourished and can no longer go to school. She has to beg from her neighbours for household supplies like soap.

Once Jessina was feeling the same despair as Beauty. Her husband Stanley had been forced to leave his home and look for work in South Africa, but even with the wages he sent home, there just wasn’t enough for the family to survive on. 

Then Jessina met Newton, a field coordinator with Act for Peace’s partner Christian Care. He showed her how to farm differently using a new method called conservation farming.

By changing a few simple things in her fields, she was able to grow far more than she had before. Jessina now has enough food to feed her children, and is able to sell her surplus produce to buy extra livestock. Stanley has returned from South Africa and been reunited with his family.

Jessina’s story has a happy ending, but there are still so many families
like Beauty’s who are struggling as the drought goes on.
With your gifts to the Christmas Bowl, Christian Care Zimbabwe can teach farmers like Beauty the agricultural skills that can ensure they always have enough for their families to eat.

Key fact:
More than 1 in 3 families in Zimbabwe are experiencing severe hunger now.

The difference your gifts to the Christmas Bowl are making:
Act for Peace’s partner in Zimbabwe, Christian Care, is one of the leaders in conservation farming techniques. They have worked with thousands of farmers in drought-prone areas and have dramatically improved their capacity to provide food for their families. But many more farmers in Zimbabwe are still facing severe hunger. With your gifts to the Christmas Bowl, these farmers have a chance to join the program and always have enough to eat.



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Give a vulnerable family two baby goats that can supplement their income by providing milk and cheese.

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Seeds of Hope

$25 can provide farmers in Zimbabwe with seeds so they can grow food for their families.

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Two Baby Goats

$50 can provide a vulnerable family two baby goats to supplement their income by providing milk and cheese.

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Conservation Farming Training

$200 can help provide two farmers with training in the techniques of conservation farming so they can ensure a healthy and sustainable future for their families.

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