A new start for two Sudanese sisters

Mianda and her sister fled their homeland in South Sudan because of the war. It’s been a long, hard exodus but finally they’ve found peace and safety in Ethiopia.

In 2014, Mianda’s sister, her nephew and the rest of the family set off together from South Sudan, trying to find a place of safety away from the brutal fighting. But they became separated from the rest of their family on the journey. They haven’t seen their parents since.

Act for Peace partners with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s development and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC) to help refugees who are newly arrived in the country. “When we arrived in Addis Ababa, we thanked God for EOC-DICAC, as they took care of us,” says Mianda.

“Not only did they provide us with accommodation in a safe house until we found a place to live and money for food, but importantly, we were both offered counselling to discuss the trauma we had experienced fleeing our home country. We have been through terrible experiences, leaving us with mental and physical scars. The counselling helped us to heal.”

Life can be dangerous for two women living alone with a young child. So Mianda’s family took part in a program supporting people who are at risk of gender based violence. The program is training Mianda in food preparation. “I already like to cook but I plan to earn an income in the future by catering for weddings of South Sudanese refugees. For now I’m making more nutritious food to help my sister’s health improve,” she says.

“Before I started the training, I used to sit at home and wonder “Who am I?” The loneliness became hard to bear. Now I feel motivated each morning, I am learning and I am excited about my future. Thank you for helping me with a new start.”

Key fact:.
Ethiopia, a developing country, has taken in about 680,000 refugees, the largest number of any African country.

The difference your gifts to the Christmas Bowl are making:
Violence against women is very common in Ethiopia, with perpetrators often walking free unpunished. For Sudanese refugees, especially women, stepping into another country rife with sexual violence is not what they need when they fled their war torn nation. Your Christmas Bowl gifts could make a huge difference to their lives by paying for safe transportation for gender-based violence survivors to travel to and from trauma counselling sessions.


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