Giving seeds of hope this Christmas

Beauty and her husband work all day under the boiling sun, but their backbreaking efforts just aren’t enough to feed their children. By learning a new farming technique, they could change their lives forever.

Some nights, Beauty can’t sleep for thinking about how she’s going to feed her children. The terrible drought that has ravaged her country of Zimbabwe has destroyed her fields and left her unable to grow enough food.

The only help Beauty’s family gets comes in the form of occasional
government food handouts, but there’s never enough to go around. Every time she looks out over her parched farm plot, she feels despair welling up.

Beauty’s children are already malnourished, and she has to beg for money to buy essentials like soap. She can’t afford to send her children to school. Once, Jessina felt despair just like Beauty’s. She too was no longer able to grow enough in her fields to support her family.

“I felt very bad because I could only feed my family once every day. It pained me so much,” she said. 

Just when she was about to give up hope, Jessina was visited by a field coordinator for Act for Peace’s partner, Christian Care, who offered to teach her a new way of farming. Called conservat ion farming, it involves new techniques like digging individual pits for each maize plant or covering soil with mulch. And it worked! Jessina turned her plot from a barely fertile wasteland to a thriving farm, using the extra money from selling her crops to buy animals.

“I’m now in my third year, and I have many goats, turkeys, guinea fowl and chickens. We used to have a lot more chickens but we ate them!” she says. 

Jessina knows that she’ll be able to manage even in drought years thanks to the techniques she’s learnt. She can now send her children to school and believes that they will have a better future.

“I hope my children will learn from me what I have learnt so that they have an improved life,” she says.

Jessina is so glad to have joined the conservation farming program. But there are still so many farmers like Beauty who are still using the old techniques and struggling to grow enough food to feed their children. And as the drought continues, the situation is only getting worse. Without being able to learn conservation farming the way Jessina did, the future for Beauty’s family looks grim.

Your gifts to the Christmas Bowl can help Zimbabwean families facing severe hunger learn conservation farming so they can always have enough to eat.


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Conservation farming training

$100 can help provide a farmer with training in the techniques of conservation farming so they can ensure a healthy ans sustainable future for their family.

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Healthy pregnancies

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