Sharni Boyall/Act for Peace

1. I need more resources, such as posters and giving envelopes. Can I receive extras?

If you’d like some extra resources, simply call 1800 025 101 or email info@actforpeace.org.au and we will send them to you as soon as possible.

2. What is the Christmas Bowl appeal?

The Christmas Bowl appeal is the longest-running ecumenical appeal in Australia. Started in 1949 by Rev Frank Byatt to help refugees from World War II, it is our way of forging a loving connection between Christian communities here in Australia and people around the world who are experiencing dreadful hardship and suffering.

3. I am organising an event for the Christmas Bowl appeal, should I let you know?

Yes please! We would love to hear about your event so please tell us when and where it is going to happen. You can let us know via the Christmas Bowl Facebook page, via email at info@actforpeace.org.au or call us on 1800 025 101. Please send through photos of your event as we’d like to share them with other churches and with the Christmas Bowl community.

4. How long do I have to send in the money raised?

Please send through the gifts you and your community collect for the Christmas Bowl with the remittance form enclosed in your kit filled in by Friday 9 February, 2018.

5. How much of the money raised goes to the programs?

In the past financial year, 72% of Act for Peace’s expenditure was used on our programs, advocacy and community education work. 9% was spent on accountability and administration to ensure our programs and funds are used as effectively as possible. 19c from every $1 was invested in fundraising, raising a further $1 for our work.

  • 48% on international programs
  • 12% on program support costs
  • 11% community education
  • 1% on domestic programs

For more detailed information on expenditure, please see the financial reporting in our Annual Report.

6. Keeping it safe and legal

Please ensure all fundraisers, participants and volunteers abide by and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and best practice guidelines (as appropriate) in each State and Territory of Australia. Any fundraising event you organise must comply with the relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation and local government regulations.