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Prevent Further Conflict

Our partners have been working on peace-building and armed violence reduction in many of the world’s most conflict affected countries for more than 63 years. During this time, our partners have had a significant impact in reducing armed violence and in addressing the root causes of conflict. We have also moved into some areas where a decline in peaceful processes has occurred due to long-term political instability.

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We believe that only delivering humanitarian aid in conflict situations is not sufficient. Act for Peace aims to break the cycle of violence. Through our project partners, we work with local communities to address the root causes of ongoing conflict, whether it is over resources or ongoing retaliation for prior violent attacks. By coming together and negotiating peace agreements, communities can build the foundation to move forward peacefully.

Communities affected by conflict require both aid and protection, and often capacity building for the future. For example, Act for Peace works with project partners to initiate peace-building, disarmament programs and landmine action. The approach is broad to include victim assistance, hazard identification, mapping and clearance, for example with dogs, manual and mechanical demining and mine risk education programs, complemented by domestic and international advocacy.

Additionally, in a world where international media attention quickly shifts from crisis to crisis, communities require organisations like Act for Peace to take a lead role in mobilising international support and sustaining international attention to ensure that affected communities have the resources to run long-term programs to prevent conflict, protect civilians and develop sustainable ways to support themselves.

More ways to take action

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Take the Act for Peace Ration Challenge and eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week (June 2018). Raise money to support refugees who have lost everything, and challenge perspectives – including your own.

Right now, thousands of innocent people are fleeing Syria every day to protect their families from bloodshed, violence and death. We need your support to provide emergency relief packs to the families fleeing in Syria.