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School Supplies for a Girl

Give a gift of school supplies to an Afghan girl, providing her with the tools she needs to support her education and longer term prospects for remaining in school.

Shahzad A. Fayyaz/CWS-A Image Frame
I got a schoolbag. It contained books, notebooks, pencils, crayons, rubbers, a ruler and a sharpener. I liked my schoolbag and its contents. They were really useful. Education is important because we can read and write. I want to become a doctor to help my country.”  - Adela, Afghanistan.

Girls in Afghanistan often struggle to get the education they deserve. They are held back by cultural and social constraints that restrict girls’ ability to attend school. In some poor areas, parents cannot afford to pay for books, uniforms or stationery.

Your gift of $10 will provide schoolbags and stationery so that girls can make the most of their school day. It will also help Act for Peace to work with parents, teachers and communities in Afghanistan to raise awareness of the benefits of giving girls an education.

How Gifts for Peace work

More ways to take action

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